Culcita Policy on Ethical Trading

Culcita has developed this policy, to ensure that when our customers buy from Culcita they can be confident that they are purchasing goods produced under satisfactory working conditions and without exploitation.

The aim of this policy is to ensure that all Culcita Suppliers produce products under a minimum set of internationally acceptable employment conditions.

We will maintain this by the strict application of this policy, which is designed to be ethical, achievable, auditable and universal.

This policy is the minimum standard that Culcita will accept. Suppliers to Culcita must comply with this policy, and operate in a way that is consistent with Culcita’s high standards of business practice and in accordance with the national laws and regulations of the supplier’s country.

Some suppliers may be unable to meet all the terms within a short time or in some cases they may be constrained by national law. Reasonable time frames and the existence of any constraints not controllable by the supplier may be taken into account.

Failures to observe the standard will require rapid corrective action by suppliers to continue any business relationship although, UNDER EXCEPTIONAL CIRCUMSTANCES, Culcita reserves the right to cancel any outstanding orders, refuse or return any shipment and otherwise cease doing business with the supplier. These include the use of forced or bonded labour, physical abuse and extreme forms of intimidation.

Suppliers will be audited against this standard by Senior Culcita management or Third Party Inspection Bodies and IT IS EXPECTED THAT suppliers will permit access to inspect against compliance with this policy at any time.

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